Monday September 25, 2023

AVRAMAR, a leader in the food industry as the world’s largest  producer of high quality Mediterranean fish, has consolidated its fish feed production factories with the installation of Evocon, an innovative cloud-based software platform. Evocon allows monitoring all key production process in the factories in real time, and in a user-friendly manner. The need for a single technology platform to align and monitor the company’s production in the different regions of Greece has been a priority for AVRAMAR. In this context, the integration of processes, and the proper real-time oversight of production per factory with precision and speed, was necessary.

Avramar’s aqua feed production is the largest in the Mediterranean region and as such, the cloud-based software ‘Evocon’ will help monitor all production process in real time, while allowing the connection of several production units in a user-friendly environment. The platform has been installed and implemented in all AVRAMAR feed plants in Greece. The implementation of improvement actions based on its recordings is continuous, while performance is presented in real time with minute accuracy for each production line, about the OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness), and any change that may occur. The management review can now be conducted in a few minutes, with complete reports that are available at any time through automated processes. This facilitates a quick and objective evaluation of actions and decision-making based on real data.

Mr. Dimitris Bouboulos, General Manager Feed of AVRAMAR, noted in regards to the installation and operation of the cloud-based platform ‘Evocon’: “AVRAMAR has a culture of continuous improvement and gives its people proper and innovative tools to solve problems We are very pleased with Evocon as a  cloud technology platform makes our daily operations more effective and our work more efficient. The next step is to expand the platform to all packaging and processing units of our company in the very near future”.

Thor Talseth, Group CEO of AVRAMAR. Stated: “We are excited to announce our strategic decision to consolidate our fish feed factories through the implementation of a cutting-edge Cloud Platform. This transformative move underscores AVRAMAR’s commitment to innovation and sustainability, ensuring optimal resource utilization. By centralizing our manufacturing processes, we aim to enhance efficiency, drive cost savings, and minimize environmental impact.”