Monday December 6, 2021

Athens, Greece, November 2021:

AVRAMAR has taken another step forward in its commitment to promote a better and healthier lifestyle. AVRAMAR fresh fish – Sea Bream, Sea Bass and Pagrus Major – are now available under the company’s own brand name in selected “Galaxias” and “My Market” retail stores in Greece, bringing the best that the crystal-clear Greek seas have to offer to the tables of consumers every day. AVRAMAR, showing respect to consumers and the environment, has launched the branded products in a protective atmosphere packaging with a new recyclable tray.

The main advantage of the protective atmosphere packaging is that it optimally maintains the freshness, the nutrients and the taste of the fish, while also preventing leaks during transportation and storage.

Ready to cook

AVRAMAR’s fresh fish are farmed responsibly, harvested daily and carefully processed in state-of-the-art and fully certified processing plants. They are then packed in automated packaging plants under strict hygiene standards so that they reach the retail stores in perfect condition. The company’s fresh fish are as a rich source of Omega-3s, vitamins, phosphorus, and calcium – in general a meal of high nutritional value. AVRAMAR Sea Bream, Sea Bass and Pagrus Major have been awarded for their superb taste by distinguished international chefs in “blind” taste tests organised by international organisations, such as the International Taste Institute based in Brussels.

Fish lovers can quickly and easily prepare delicious, healthy and highly nutritious meals as often as they like.

Following the merger of Nireus, Selonda, Andromeda and the fish feed company Perseus, AVRAMAR is the global leader in the production of high quality Mediterranean fish – Sea Bream, Sea Bass, Pagrus Major and Corvina – and envisions to inspire millions of consumers worldwide to love the finest Mediterranean fish.

AVRAMAR branded fresh fish is available in selected “Galaxias” and “My Market” retail stores, as well as under private label packaging in large retail chain stores (supermarkets).