Scientific Name: Dicentrarchus labrax
Known as: “Branzino” (IT, USA), “Lubina” (ES), “Bar” (FR), “Robalo” (PT), “Spigola” (IT), “Sea Bass” (UK, CAN), “Loup de Mer” (FR, CAN), “Wolfsbarsch” (DE), “Zeebars” (NL), “Lavraki” (GR)

Greek Sea Bass is the most popular Mediterranean fish in the UK and USA. With an elongated, hydrodynamic body, silvery color, and moist and tender white flesh, Sea Bass is considered to be one of the most delicious of all Mediterranean fish.

This highly versatile fish can be served whole or as fillets and prepared baked, grilled, fried, steamed, boiled for soup, or even as sashimi, sushi and ceviche.