Friday October 27, 2023

AVRAMAR has, in collaboration with Eurosea and Mowi, launched a new monitoring project aimed to improve sustainable aquaculture practices through the integration of advanced technology and scientific research. More specifically, AVRAMAR joined the WP6 Ocean Health Demonstrator of the EuroSea project, which has been designed to provide valuable information on marine conditions at aquaculture facilities in El Campello, Spain, and Deenish Island, Ireland.

The partnership, which is part of the EuroSea Horizon 2020 Project, is a collaborative effort involving various maritime organizations with the purpose of developing and promoting sustainable practices in the field of aquaculture. To achieve this, advanced buoys equipped with high-tech sensors have been deployed in the coastal marine areas in order to collect valuable data about the marine environment, helping scientists and experts gain insights into the ocean’s behavior and conditions.

By working together and using innovative technology, the project partners aim to ensure that aquaculture, an essential sector in the food industry, is carried out responsibly. The data collected from these buoys will not only contribute to a better understanding of the marine ecosystem, but also aid in making informed decisions for sustainable and environmentally friendly aquaculture practices. Essentially, the project strives to protect the ocean environment while supporting the growth of the aquaculture industry.

Andrea Viken, Sustainability Manager of AVRAMAR, stated on AVRAMAR’s participation in the Eurosea project: “At AVRAMAR, we have an environmental responsible approach to aquaculture, which is further underscored by our current partnership with Eurosea and Mowi. Through our joint efforts, we will integrate advanced technology and scientific research to enhance sustainable practices. Our commitment is steadfast: to gather valuable insights, make informed decisions, and contribute to a sustainable future for the aquaculture industry.”

Thor Talseth, Group CEO of AVRAMAR commented on the partnership: “Through this project, AVRAMAR is positioned at the forefront of oceanographic data collection, as we will contribute valuable insights to the aquaculture community. This initiative not only demonstrates AVRAMAR’s dedication to responsible business practices but also underscores one of our strategic pillars “Leading with care”. I believe that our vision for a more sustainable future, coupled with the innovative approach taken in this collaboration, reflects our dedication to creating a positive impact on the environment, society, and the aquaculture industry.”

About EuroSea

EuroSea is a European Union Innovation Action funded through the European Commission research funding program Horizon 2020 under a call supporting the G7 Future of Seas and Oceans Flagship Initiative. The project works to improve the European ocean observing and forecasting system in a global context bringing together key European actors of ocean observing and forecasting with users of oceanographic products and services. The EuroSea innovation demonstrators are focused on operational services, ocean health, and climate.

About the WP6 Ocean Health Demonstrator of the EuroSea project

This is a EuroSea partnership between the Marine Institute, the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC), AVRAMAR, Mowi Ireland and Xylem/Aanderaa Data Instruments. This part of the Marine Observatory work is being developed within the WP6 Ocean Health Demonstrator of the EuroSea project “Improving and integrating the European Ocean Observing and Forecasting System”. This project is funded by the EU Horizon 2020 research and innovation program under grant agreement No. 862626.

Eurosea Marine’s open access monitoring portal: