Tuesday July 13, 2021

July 8th 2021.- The aquaculture group AVRAMAR launched a new marine farm in Alicante’s province El Campello. The new marine farm will initiate its operation after the completion of the building works and the fries introduction that have been taking place since last March.

With a 144-hectares surface, the new marine farms centre is the latest addition to the centres that AVRAMAR, the largest producer of premium fish in the Mediterranean, already has in the Comunidad Valenciana, specifically in Calpe, Villajoyosa and Burriana, this latter with the same size and capacity as the new facility. El Campello farm will produce a total of 5.000 tonnes annually, including Sea Bream, Sea Bass and Corvina Rex, the group’s flagship species in the country. The complex will comprise of forty cages, each having a 32-metre diameter, while ten will be installed in a second phase scheduled for 2022. First fishes in commercial size will be ready in October 2022.

The Institute for Coastline Ecology in El Campello has taken part in the initial study linked to the project and, alongside the local authority for Agriculture and Ecological Transition, will conduct in depth regular checks on the new fish farm’s activity. This initiative has been well received by the local authorities and the Wild Fishermen’s Association as the responsible aquaculture promoted by AVRAMAR facilitates the production of healthy and nutritious fish cultivated sustainably in perfect harmony with the environment. Moreover, the company will make efforts to add value to the local communities in which it is active, begininh with El Campello, for instance, where it plans to create 45 new jobs.

Juan Jose Berenguer, El Campello’s Mayor, has supported the project once all the favourable environmental reports from the regional government and the Institute of Coastline Ecology were known as well as those from El Campello’s Wild Fishermen’s Association which, according to the first counsellor, “will be one of the biggest beneficiaries from the project”.

He added: “To have El Campello welcoming the birth of new initiatives that generate new jobs and, consequently, progress is always good news. I emphasize the fact that the fish farm has all the necessary favourable reports from relevant institutions, it complies with all the requirements and it will be beneficial for our association”.

Maribel Marco, President and Sponsor of the Wild Fishermen’s Association, has highlighted the positive impact of having this new marine farm in its coastline as it represents an interesting employment alternative for sea workers and, additionally, its cages will include areas of protection and cover in sandy depths that facilitate certain types of fishing.

Alex Myers, AVRAMAR’s Group CEO, is very pleased with the warm welcome from both public institutions and locals and has highlighted that his work in the area will go beyond an aquaculture operation and even beyond his own mission of bringing the Mediterranean to the tables around the world. The company plans to organize, amongst other entertainment and educational activities, visits from schools and other local institutions to the facilities with the objective of bringing aquaculture closer to citizens and to make them aware of the benefits of farmed fish.

As part of its social corporate responsibility, the company has been developing similar initiatives in other areas in which it has farming centres.

AVRAMAR’s new strategy aspires to create a solid and healthy company, investing in growth and expansion of its quality products and markets supported by modern, efficient operations in Greece and Spain. An integrated group, formed by the unification of the expertise and passion of four pioneer companies, AVRAMAR will contribute towards a fresh start for Greek and Spanish aquaculture, deepening its partnerships with its consumers, customers, employees and communities.