Monday February 12, 2024

AVRAMAR, proudly presents its first Sustainability Report, symbolizing a steadfast commitment to sustainability within the framework of its STARMAP pillars. Released at the end of December 2023, this comprehensive report showcases AVRAMAR’s dedication to a sustainable and responsible future and transparency to its stakeholders.


Customers First: AVRAMAR is dedicated to promoting the Mediterranean diet as an integral part of a healthy and sustainable lifestyle. To safeguard the environmental and social stewardship of its products, 100% of its products hold certifications recognized by the Global Sustainable Seafood Initiative (GSSI), including GlobalG.A.P. and ASC. Moreover, 100% of its products adhere to certifications recognized by Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI), including BRC and IFS, meeting the highest standards in food safety.

Lead with Care: Committed to the health, safety, and welfare of both our team and our fish, AVRAMAR emphasizes fish welfare through innovation and technology. Notably, direct GHG emissions were reduced by 12% in 2022, showcasing a commitment to environmental stewardship. AVRAMAR is committed to rigorously monitor and record all GHG emissions and establish SBTi GHG emission reduction targets, demonstrating a holistic approach that includes renewing the vessel fleet and installing solar panels.

Operational Excellence: AVRAMAR thrives on being Leaner, Faster, and Stronger by collaborating with universities and research institutions to enhance fish health and product quality across the value chain. We ensure responsible sourcing and traceability through our Supplier Code of Conduct, achieving a 5% reduction in fish feed GHG emissions in 2022 through increased use of by-products.

Best People: Committed to enhancing employee satisfaction, AVRAMAR tripled employee training hours in 2022 and introduced an employee engagement survey. AVRAMAR seeks to establish itself as the preferred employer of choice.

Play As One: AVRAMAR fosters a culture of empowerment, integrity, and respect. In 2022, the company launched its Group Workplace Harassment and Policy, conducted a Human Rights awareness campaign, and increased the share of women in the organization by 4%. AVRAMAR remains steadfast in its commitment to further increase the representation of women, both in leadership roles and overall.


This Sustainability Report encapsulates AVRAMAR’s journey toward a more sustainable and responsible future, reflecting its dedication to customers, employees, the environment, and the communities.

For more detailed insights, access the full Sustainability Report here.