Monday January 25, 2021

AVRAMAR: A fresh way forward in Mediterranean aquaculture

Athens, Greece – January 25, 2021, AVRAMAR is the new company and brand formed by the unification of Andromeda Group, Nireus, Selonda and Perseus. A fresh way forward in Mediterranean aquaculture officially embarks today through the combination of the collective expertise and passion of four companies, channeled into one company. The companies have been pioneers and leaders of Mediterranean Aquaculture for several decades, cultivating Greek fish in the Aegean and Ionian Sea, and Spanish fish along the Mediterranean coast and Canary Islands. Building one common company, under one common brand, will contribute towards a fresh start for Greek and Spanish aquaculture and a platform for AVRAMAR to commence its mission: to bring the Mediterranean to tables around the world by offering better fish for better, healthier lives.

The new name “AVRAMAR” is a combination of the Greek word “AVRA”, meaning “breeze” in Greek and the Spanish “MAR”, meaning “sea”. AVRAMAR will bring fresh new perspectives to the market and offer long lasting, deeper partnerships with its consumers, customers, employees and communities.  With a total volume production of more than 70.000 tons, and sales in more than 30 markets, AVRAMAR becomes the world’s largest brand in Sea Bass and Sea Bream and the largest producer of Mediterranean fish.

AVRAMAR’s new strategy aspires to create a solid and healthy company, investing in growth and expansion of its quality products and markets supported by modern, efficient operations in Greece and Spain. The company will continue to develop the well-known Mediterranean species of Sea Bass and Sea Bream, and will also focus on two other less known, but equally delicious, species – Corvina and Pagrus. Innovation through Value-Added products, which are easier and more convenient to prepare and cook, will also support the company’s ambition to be the market’s preferred fresh choice. In operations, the company plans to modernize and apply new technology and methods to achieve more efficient and competitive costs.  AVRAMAR’s commitment to sustainability, local communities, customers and partners continues to be its highest priority combined with long term investments in Research and Development.

 On the occasion of the announcement of the new company’s name, Alex Myers, Group CEO of AVRAMAR, stated:Today is the beginning of a fresh new journey! We will be gradually implementing the new company brand over the next months, and our business strategy will begin to unfold in 2021. We have developed a long-term strategy, not a short-term plan, and every individual at AVRAMAR has something valuable to contribute: we are deeply passionate about fish, and we will work together to deliver the best quality fish for our customers. Inspired by a future of endless possibilities, AVRAMAR will lead the way to deliver tasty, healthy, fresh Mediterranean fish to people around the world.”