AVRAMAR Pagrus with Piccata Sauce
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  • For fish
    • 2 Pagrus, cleaned
    • 4 tbs olive oil
    • Salt, freshly ground pepper
  • For the piccata sauce
    • 50 gr green olives, sliced
    • 50 gr capers
    • 50 gr kritamos (samphire)
    • 4 tbs fresh basil
    • 1/4 bunch of parsley
    • 1 garlic clove
    • 1 small hot pepper
    • ½ dry onion, very thinly chopped
    • 4 tbs olive oil
    • Freshly ground pepper


(4 servings)

For fish

  • Brush the fish with oil and add a little salt and pepper.
  • Preheat the oven to 200ºC and roast the fish for 25 minutes.


For the  sauce

  • Add 3-4 spoonsful of fish juice and oil into a non-stick frying pan, and sauté the garlic, onion and pepper over a low heat.
  • Remove from the heat and mix in the rest of the ingredients along with fresh olive oil. Pour the sauce over the fish and serve.
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