Starting out

our history

AVRAMAR began as four independent companies: Andromeda, Nireus, Selonda and Perseus. Between 2019 and 2020, we united all these companies to form AVRAMAR The name AVRAMAR represents our combined expertise, passion and Mediterranean heritage. Read on to learn more about our history.

1981 - Selonda

Selonda is established

1988 - Nireus

Nireus begins operations

1988 - Selonda

Selonda designs and builds its first hatchery in Selonda Bay, Greece

1991 - Nireus

Nireus opens its first fish hatchery, and expands its production capabilities

1994 - Selonda

Selonda goes public with the Parallel Market of the Athens Stock Exchange S.A, becoming the first aquaculture company in the world to list on a stock market

1995 - Nireus

Nireus lists on the Athens Stock Exchange

1997 - Nireus

Nireus relocates its offices to Karopi and begins processing, packaging, storing and transshipping fish products

1998 - Andromeda

Andromeda is founded

1998 - Nireus

Nireus inaugurates its first factory to produce fish feed under the FEEDUS brand, further expanding production capabilities

2001 - Andromeda

Andromeda begins phase one of its genetic selection program

2006 - Andromeda

A private equity – Global Finance, acquires a majority stake in Andromeda. The company begins the second phase of its genetic selection program

2005 - Selonda

Selonda acquires majority share of Koronis Aquaculture S.A

2007 - Nireus

Nireus acquires Predomar, a Spanish-owned company, and expands its juvenile pre-growing facilities

2007 - Selonda

Selonda launches branded Sea Bream and Sea Bass in the Greek market, supported by its first multimedia advertising campaign directed toward consumers in Athens

2008 - Andromeda

Andromeda stablishes Spanish operations through a series of acquisitions – between 2008 and 2010 – (Niordseas, Acuimar Group – Frescamar, Piscimar and Cultipeix), becoming Andromeda Group

2009 - Nireus

Nireus begins growing fish in Spain and opens a sales office in Milan

2015 - Andromeda

Andromeda receives a 3 Golden Stars Superior Taste Award for its Sea Bass PR1MUS (and again in 2017). In 2016, it receives also 3 golden stars for Corvina Pr1mus (and again in 2019)

2016 - Andromeda

AMERRA Capital Management acquires Andromeda Group

2016 - Selonda

Selonda acquires Dias SA, expanding production and trade capabilities of fresh and frozen fish

2017 - Selonda

In 2017, Selonda receives a 3 Golden Stars Superior Taste Award, the highest award ever given to Greek Sea Bream (awarded again in 2018 and 2020)

2018 - Andromeda

AMERRA Capital and Mubadala Investment Company lead the bidding process for Nireus and Selonda

2019 - Andromeda

Andromeda Group acquires Nireus and Selonda, forming one company

April 2020 - Andromeda

Andromeda Group acquires Perseus, a fish feed producer in Greece

Jul/Sep 2020 - Andromeda

Nireus, Selonda and Perseus are de-listed from the stock market

January 2021 - Avramar

The new company, combining the finest of Greek and Spain’s aquaculture history, is renamed Avramar and reveals its new identity