Thor Talseth 

Chief Executive Officer since April 2022

Group Chief Executive Officer of AVRAMAR, the largest aquaculture company in the European Union, headquartered in Valencia, Spain.

During the last two decades, Thor has built a diverse and successful career, holding several executive positions across private equity, aquaculture, and banking.

Serving as Chairman at AVRAMAR since 2016, Thor has led a strategic and cultural transformation to build the largest Mediterranean aquaculture company, with 2.300 employees selling healthy high-quality products in more than 40 countries, with a clear purpose of Better Fish, Better Lives.

In 2019, Thor founded the seafood-focused private equity firm Neptune NRCP after spending five years with New York based AMERRA Capital Management LLC as head of private equity. Prior to AMERRA, Thor had several executive positions in Europe as CEO, investor, and banker.

Originally from Norway, Thor lives in Valencia, Spain, with his wife and two sons. He is passionate about developing the aquaculture industry as the most sustainable source of animal protein. Thor enjoys spending time in nature and playing tennis with his family.

Thor has a Bachelor of Trondheim Business School and Master of Management programs from Norwegian Business School.

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